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Web Design

Build a website instantly with HTML, CSS/Sass/Less, JavaScript, and PHP.
Harness the potential of content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Magento.
CSS Frameworks
Harness the potential of CSS-based frameworks like Bootstrap.
Make your site search engine friendly.

Guarantee: if you can understand a computer folder directory, you can manage and design your own websites!
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Learn how to read and write with the Korean phonetic and featural alphabet in less than one hour. Color-coded and sound/shape-similarity letter diagrams are used to intuitively understand the alphabet and facilitate memorization.
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h + a + n = han

ㅎ + ㅏ + ㄴ = 한

g + u + l = gul

ㄱ + ㅡ + ㄹ = 글

Approved by the Hunminjeongeum Society


Learn opening, middlegame, and endgame, theory.
General Theory: numerical valuation of the pieces, numerical valuation of piece location, multiplicative effect of piece teamwork, significance of the board's center, gambits, capturing en passant, fianchettos, timed matches, chess ranking system.
Opening: development, initiative, tempo, castling, "knights before bishops".
Endgame: opposition, zugzwang, triangulation, stalemate patterns, checkmate patterns.
Attack Tactics: forks, pins, skewers, overloading, discovered attacks.
Pawn Theory: pawn chains, passed pawns, hanging pawns, backward pawns, isolated pawns, pawn islands, pawn majorities.
Bishop Theory: bad vs. good bishops, corralling knights.
Rook Theory: seeking open files, using the 7th rank, backing passed pawns.
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Web Design

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Web Design

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